14 December 2008

Kurban Bayrami (Sacrifice feast)

During the last week I have had 4 days off due to the public holiday of Kurban Bayrami. This is the muslim holiday for sacrificing. The tradition is to sacrifice a ram or an ox and then share the meat with the poor.

For this we went to my grandparents for a couple of days. Many of our relatives in Istanbul came to visit us there on the first day of the holiday. On the second day we then made the return visits. In each visit we then have a lot of food and of course some of the ram which has been sacrificed. It is very nice to see all the family and to get the news from what is happening in their lives at the moment.

I did well the first day and talked and smiled to all the people visiting. On the second day it was getting a bit tiring, so I got annoyed with all the eating and talking and not being able to follow my normal schedule of eating and sleeping.

It was therefore necessary for me to make a point to my parents, and I therefore choose to wake up in the middle of the night for a couple of nights or three. Not really for any particular reason other than I wanted to.

01 December 2008


I like to check what is happening around me, so as you can see I read the newspaper and try to get information about what is going on in the world. I especially like to read my farm book about the horse, pig (pictured), cow and chicken. It keep me informed about what is going on on my grandparents and uncle's farm in Denmark.

Reading the farm book also gives me knowledge about the problems being a farmer, such as lack of political understanding of the workings on a farm and how it should be put by the EU in order to provide the most positive output for the general public (for more on these views you can contact my granddad for detailed information).

5,5 months

Recently I have realised that my arms are not just something sticking out of my body without a real end, but that I have five fingers at the end of each arm. It is amazing what you can do with these fingers. I can grap things, I have especially become fond of my mum's hair which fit perfectly into my hand both on the left and of the right side of her head. I also tried with doing the same thing with my dad, but somehow it did not really work... I am wondering why, sometimes his hair on his face is longer than the hair on his head.

I have also learned this turning thing. So when I lie on my back I can now turn around so that I lie on my stomach. It was fun the first couple of times, but now I am feeling like a circus horse doing the same trick all the time to everyone that shows up to watch me.

16 November 2008

Happy birthday to Granddad

I have been out of the loop for a little while, as this blog has been closed in Turkey. The telecom authorities closed it as the blog was being used for showing Turkish football league games without the proper rights, so this also hit me.

After I did a lot of lobby work by talking to several politicians and people with influential I managed to get the blog opened again.

The main reason for this work was so that I could post a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my granddad in Denmark!!

Resently I have started to eat real food. Actually what has happened is that I am getting apple, pear and grapes, as juice. In the picture you can see me suck on a grape.

I am also using my voice more and more these days. I e.g. make sure that people know when I am hungry or want to sleep. It is really nice to be able to communicate properly, especially in the middle of the night if I suddenly wake up and want food.
There is talk about getting what you want from other people, which is really to be able to sell your idea to them. I am considering to be a sales person when I grow up as I am able to sell my idea to my parents everytime I open my mouth.

04 November 2008

Seker Bayrami (Sugar holiday)

I had my first Bayram at the end of the Ramadan. It was Seker Bayrami, which seem to be a very nice thing as it includes a lot of sugar and sweets especially for kids. I am already looking forward to next year when I can actually eat all the sweets that are being offered.

We went to my grand parents for this holiday and we enjoyed the day together with my Turkish family.


Lately it has gotten colder in Istanbul. So my nose has been blocked and the noise level has increased at night in the bedroom. This has meant that I will be expelled from my parents' bedroom by the end of the week and have to sleep in my own bed.

This is of course a large step in my growing up in line with moving out of my parents' house and getting married, at least according to my mum.

I am thinking that instead of moving to the bedroom my running/blocked nose, due to the wet weather, could be fixed by moving to Denmark, as surely this most be a warmer and less wet place. At least is was when we went there for my aunt's wedding.

New things that I have started to lately include holding on to things, screaming out of joy, laughing and general conversation.

20 October 2008

Happy birthday to Mathilde and Berke Can

It has been my two cousins' birthdays in the beginning of October. They are both 2 years old now, which is extremely old. Can you image to be 2? I am now 4 months, so they are 6 times older than me. It is amazing to think that I might be that old at some point in time. Anyway I will worry about that we the time comes.

Happy birthday to Mathilde and Berke Can!!!!


Lately I have really started to like to get a bath. In my grandparents' place I had a nice and small bathtub, which I really enjoyed.

I also got to sleep outside in my pram. It was very nice and waking up with a bit of a cold nose is perfect. I think that my Danish side like this as my mum does not understand this type of thing.


After the wedding we went to Skjern together with my grandparents. I was still a bit tired after the wedding, so even tough the drive is not too long I slept a little bit.

The next day I met with my cousins. They are very nice and I really enjoyed playing with them. Andreas and Mathias had decided that I could play with Mathilde and that she should give me one of her dolls.

I also went to visit my great-granddad. It was very nice to see him and he also liked to hold me and play with me.

07 October 2008

Aunt's wedding

So Saturday we went to my aunt's wedding. It started in the church, where I was very quite and happy until the cermony started. Then I decided to add my comments and voice to the whole thing. For some reason this did not go down very well with my parents, so I had to watch the rest of the cermony from the door.

Congratulations to Karin and Joergen!!!! I am very happy that you got married and that I could be there.

There was a nice reception in the afternoon. They had rented a blowup castle. My aunt and uncle (notice the change in status from above) jumped around in it. I would have liked to join but I was busy eating and sleeping. I wanted to be fresh for the party at night. In the picture you can see my aunt and her three sister's in law.

During the party I of course choose not to sleep, as this would have been too easy for my parents. But after a while it got too much for me. As you can see in the picture the party got really wild after I went to sleep.

Vacation in Denmark

I went to Denmark three weeks ago for my aunt's wedding. It was my first time in a plane and as you can see I enjoyed it, so much that I slept most of the way.

I met so many new people in Denmark. Firstly we went to Helle and Kenneth and I played with their two daugthers, Roseline and Mette Marie.

The next day I had to go and organise my aunt, Karin, so that the arrangements for the wedding to be finalised. I was looking forward to meeting with her, but on that day she was a little bit stressed, so I just slept a bit more and tried to make sure that all got done and put in the proper place.

After I finalised the seating arrangements for the wedding and had controlled that all was in place we went to Oliver, Karina and Soren for dinner. Christopher, Helle, Jacob and Jesper was also there as you can see.

14 September 2008


I have received my Danish passport. I am therefore a double citizen with the right to live in Turkey and Denmark at least until I am 21 years old (Danish rule). Just for the record I wanted to share my passport photo with you all.


I went on vacation with my parents. I had booked a room for us in Assos, which is on the North coast of the Agean sea in Turkey. We had to drive there, which is fine with me as I like to relax and sleep while I am being driven around.

Once we got there, I most admit, that this vacation did not differ much from my normal day at home. Except of course from going to the sea in the morning, which was very nice, but also a little bit annoying as I kept getting small stones into my pram. It is not very nice to sleep on these little stones.

I enjoyed my time there and got a bit of a suntan, but not too much. My parents think that the sun made me longer than the 62cm I recorded the week before during my 2 month doctor visit. I am not so sure.

01 September 2008

First uncle visit

For the first time I met one of my uncles. Troels came to visit us together with Mathilde all the way from Copenhagen. They are my height role models. Not that I really need a height role model as I am now 62cm and 7kg as per my 2 month and 1 week birthday.

Anyway Mathilde and Troels are really tall, but I really enjoyed having them here, as it is very nice to sleep on their knees. Most importantly though was that they brought me a very nice present book. This I really enjoy to read, so I read it aloud to everyone around me and laugh all the time. The pictures are really good, but my parents have not fully understood the story yet.

First wedding

On 23 August I went to my first wedding. Begum and Alper got married, my parents hoped that I would sleep during the party so they can enjoy it but I had another idea as I mainly went there to start getting inspiration for the time when it is my turn, so I was awake and looking around carefully as you can see in the picture. Somehow my parents weren't comfortable with it so we ended up leaving around 10pm.

Still, I got some ideas from their wedding. Of course I expect my future husband to pay for any idea and inspiration that I am getting from now until that day. I have therefore also decided to go to my aunt's wedding in Denmark in September, if the Danish bureaucracy is able to provide my passport on time.

I also got to wear my new dress, which was nice to try.

18 August 2008

Olympics II

The new category of "Who can lift you head the longest" has become quite a success among the participants in this years olympics. In the pictures you can see me during the competition and when I am streaching after the competition.
There has also been rumours of Chinese participants not being over the required age of 16 days. We of course have to uphold the tradition and spirits of the olympics and ensure that these underage participants are not allowed into the living room during the competition.


In the spirit of the olympics I have decided to enter the +6.5kg baby weightlifting. I have found my best costume and am ready to go in the picture.

We are also experiencing problems with doping in baby weightlifting. The other day there was a rumour that a batch of the well know Canadian Wife of Lumberjack mothermilk had been found by inspectors. We consider this a very serious offence. Unfortunately the inspection panel got hungry during the inspection, so the envidence got eaten...

05 August 2008


So we have started visiting people. It is nice to get out a little bit and to see somebody other than my parents. Though they keep putting flour on my face and it is sort of ruining my skin. I have tried to explain that they should take me for a facial, but somehow they are not understanding me perfectly, yet.

Last week I began to speak with my parents. I am explaining them what is happening and what they should do to make me feel good. I talk and talk and they are answering me, but I feel like they are not really answering what I am saying. Instead they seem to say things like, do this, eat that, sleep now etc. Of course I have already decided that they are not going to rule me life. So I am trying to rule their's instead.

31 July 2008

Where do I remember her from?

On 27th June Begum Teyze and her fiancé Alper Amca came to visit my parents. I liked them, I actually looked at them very carefully and seriously, they seemed to think it is very funny the way I look at them but I was just trying to figure out where I remember Begum Teyze from. Then ahhhh I remembered, that “was” fun!!!. When she came to our house last time, I could fill up my diaper completely when I was in her lap. Here is the picture of it, mum says it was a bit smelly there but let me tell you, “It felt very good”.

They say that I might be going to their wedding in August. I will also go to my aunt’s wedding in September in Denmark. I don’t really understand what this wedding thing is, but it must be something big as I might be attending two of them in my first summer. I guess I will understand what it is when the time comes, at the moment my focus is why can’t I be fed as soon as I start screaming. I will start with the other matters once I solve that one.

29 July 2008

Happy Birthday Eniste

It is Ömer eniste's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He has been very nice to me as you can see. All though I was a little bit thoughtfull when I was sitting with him.

I like him a lot because he is one of the few people that I aleady have more hair than (except my dad of course).

28 July 2008

Happy Birthday Farmor

It was my farmor's birthday the other day. Happy birthday.
Some people say that I look like her. At least my dad says that he has on several occations seen then stearn look in my eyes and the tight mouth. For further proof please see my blog "Heath" from 23rd July.

Apparently this was when he was a boy and not behaving very well.


Melek came to visit me. She brought her parents and present so I was very happy.

I really hope that I will be able to play with Melek soon. Melek's mum used to work with my mum and now she is working with my dad. They are consultants, so it is all a lot of talk about possible improvements which you will need to pay to get done. I don't really know about these consultants, I find that the best way to make them move is to scream. That works everytime.

Visitors from Bimsa

First of all I most apologise to all the visitors that have come to see me. I have not been able to make my parents update the blog in a timely manner, even tough I have several times explained to them in a clear and very loud voice what I wanted them to write.
I have really appreciated all the visits and presents that have been bought for me. Thank you once again.
Here are some people from Bimsa, my mum's work.
First my mum's friends Begum and Mine Teyze, Canku Amca and his lovely wife Esra Teyze and Murat Amca came… Then last week some more friends Sezin, Nilufer, Hande, Mehtap and Begum Teyze came. I call all of them Teyze and Amca that is what mum tells me to do but actually I think some of them are really younger than mum.
They were very nice, they all brought presents for me and even a nice cake for mum – which I ended up eating as well anyway. I think they should come again mum seems to be very happy when friends come especially during the week and that makes me happy as well.

40 days

So yesterday I turned 40 days. I do not really understand what the big deal is, as my dad is almost 40 years and I do not see anyone getting too excited about that!

Anyway since I am now quite old and starting to look around I arranged for my parents to take me to my grand parents here. I slept in the garden and generally enjoyed the day until the evening when they suddenly put flour on my face.

I have never in my entire life experienced anything like this. Okay, I am 40 days old, but still. Flour is for baking cakes and bread, not to be put on my face.

Recently I have also learned that when I am alone with my parents I should cry, scream, be uneasy and generally not look too happy... As soon as someone else is there I have decided to be happy and smile or just to sleep. So everyone, except my parents, think that I am the sweetest little girl who is always happy or sleeping. I think that I will keep it this way.