30 June 2008

28 June 2008

First week at home

I am getting used to this life at home. It is especially interesting to make a bit of noise in the middle of the night (preferably several times during one night) and then see my parents come running to find out what the problem is.

Other than that I hang out in the living room and upstairs with my mum and grandmum during the day. A couple of times my cousins have been here to look at me as well. They are funny and I really want to get up and run around with them. This is my goal for next year, to be able to run with them.

The nurse came to see me. Mainly to talk to my mum about how she should look after me. I hope she got all the points as they where very important.

I will put a few pictures later, but for now my dad did not charge my camera, so I am unable to do the upload at the moment.

23 June 2008

International Star

Already I have become an international star. On Friday morning when I woke up two people had been travelling all the way from Denmark to visit me.

They called themselves farmor og farfar and I most admit that they look at bit like my dad. They brought me nice presents. Also they brought me presents from my cousins in Denmark. My cousins had painted some very nice pictures for me, which I am very happy to look at. I am thinking that I will be an art collector, as the paintings will be worth a lot of money in the future.

My grandparents stayed with us the whole weekend. I am not sure that I can understand this weekend thing. For me there was not really that much different as I still eat, sleep and sit around most of the time.

21 June 2008

Pictures of more visitors

Here are some more people that came to visit me.

Going Home

I went home today. It was a bit strange as I liked the hospital, but apparently I cannot stay there for very long. The nurses and doctors were nice, but now they have to help small babies to the world.

I like to drive in the car especially since I got a drive along the Bosphorus. It was a very very hot day so I was not very comfortable in my house. Yes, this is my house now. I have decided that it is nice to have my parents around, but I am in complete control of everything. My father would like to watch the game this night, but I decided to make a bit of noise everytime there was a goal. So even tough there was 5 goals and a very good match I made sure he did not watch very much of it.

Second day

Hi All,

On my second day in the hospital many people came to see me again. It is very nice to have visitors and I enjoyed it a lot.

Selcen teyze came to see me in the morning. Then Burcu and Melike teyze came. Burcu brought brownies to my mum, as she has not been allowed to eat anything sweet for w while now. I also liked the brownie, but I only found that out some hours after my mum eat it.

Fatma hala and Ali eniste also came to see me. Later Harriet teyze and Kemal amca came.

People from Bimsa, where my mother work, started to come to see me. Yucel came and talked to me and my mum for a while. Then Begum came with a very nice lion for me. I am not sure if I like lions that much though as I prefer eagles, but maybe later I will learn more about it. Ozgur also came for a short visit.

Kuzeykara abi, Bahar teyze and Murat amca came in the evening. I like Kuzeykara a lot and I really hope that we will be able to play a lot when I grow up a little bit more.

Elif teyze stayed with me and my parents during the night. It is very nice when she takes care of me, as I can then let my parents sleep.

19 June 2008

And my name is......

My parents have been looking a lot at me since I was born and they have decided my name.

Josefine Defne Troelsen

17 June 2008

My first day and NIGHT

I had a very nice first day in the hospital. It was quite easy to get out and I quickly found out that if I cry then I get something to eat. I spent most of the day sleeping anway.

There was a lot of visitors which was nice. Of course my new cousins Zeynep Sude and Berke Can came to see me together with my aunt and oncle. My grandmother and -father also came together with my mother's aunts.

My friend Duru came. She is also going to be a big sister later this year as her mum and dad are looking forward to their second child. I am looking forward to be able to play with Duru and her sister when I grow up a bit more.

Ozlem teyze came to see me.

Then Gokce abla came together with her parents. Gokce is 3 months older than me, but I am sure that I will have a lot of fun together with her.

In the evening Aysel teyze and Mustafa amca came and a little later Naime teyze and Ahmet amca also came to see me.

Then it was time to sleep. At least that is what my parents thought, but I decided that this would be a good time todo some eating and other things that I do. So my aunt stayed with me and my parents then whole night and she only got to sleep 1 hour. I feel sorry for her, but then I also only slept 1 hour, so I suppose that this is normal.


I was born at 09.42 this morning and I weighed a healthy 4,080 kg and measured 51cm. My parents are very very happy and proud that I am here. I have already learned to scream and eat. My hair is black according to Danish standards, but light like my father according to Turkish standards.

13 June 2008

Hello World

Hi, I am right in here.
Well I know that it looks like my mother's pregnant stomach, but really it is actually me. Anyway on Tuesday I will be out.
My parents are very excited and cannot wait to see me. Personally I am also looking forward to meeting with them even tough I have an idea what they sound like.