15 March 2010

Some photos...

When I was 17 days old...

20 days old...

21 days old...

11 March 2010


It was nice to have some visitors. Muge and Emine hanim from my mum's work. They brought me presents (and also for Josefine Defne) and greetings from everyone in the office. Not really sure what this office thing is, also there is something called work, which I looking forward to learn about. My parents seem to think that this is hard, but how hard can this be? Have they ever tried not to be fed when they are hungry? Or not be able to squeeze out gas in the middle of the night when your mum looks like she really want you to sleep? That is hard, work cannot be anything harder than this.
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Name - Finally

Oh, I have realized that I never told you my name. My parents thought a lot and stared at my face for a long time to figure out what my name should be and finally 20 days after I am born they have decided my name.
(Loooong time for for Turkish standards, fairly quick according to Danish!!!)

My name is Kaan Tobias Troelsen.

So there it is for all of you who thinks that it should have been there a long time ago. Please no more calling me with words like baby, bebek, adam...etc

This new technology is fantastic. I am sleeping but with my brain waves I am able to write this and transfer the pictures. We have come a long way from Pacman and Commodore 64.

Today is actually my 1 month birthday, so happy birthday to me. I celebrated it by sleeping, eating and screaming because I could not relieve myself.

My sister seem to be around all the time. She kisses me and all, but somehow I fell that she is not really all that happy about sharing this place with me. I hope that one day we can come to an understanding. If this is not possible I need to grow fast, so that I can be bigger than her.

As you can see I had some visitors. My mum's cousins and her husband. It is nice when people come and visit me, not that it makes a great deal of difference to me right away, but my mum eats cake or sweets and an hour or two later I get it.

26 February 2010

Here is my grandmum and my feet. Not really sure what the thing about the feet is, but this is what they wanted.
My days so far is still just eat, sleep and getting rid of gas. When you get rid of gas after being fed that is the best time of the day and I then enjoy a good 2-3 hour sleep. Of course if my mum or dad thinks that they are going to sleep, I choose to wake up after 1 hour, just to keep them on their toes.
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My granddad came together with my grandmum from Denmark. Firstly I load a picture of my granddad, then in the next entry you will get my grandmum. It was nice to see them and I enjoyed to be with them, almost as much as Josefine. She is still shouting farfar without any apparent reason.

Sometimes I do not really know what to make of this world, which I think is obvious from this picture.
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14 February 2010

Google is the new Microsoft!! But until anyone finds our I will continue to use Google products, so that I can upload directly from Picasa to my blog.
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Sermin's birthday

On top of me coming home, which of course was the main event yesterday, it was also Sermin's birthday. She again turned 25. Happy Birthday Sermin Teyze!!


As you can see from the pictures a lot of people has already come to visit me. Here are some more visitors.

Home and safe

I am home from the hospital now. It did not make a world of difference to me. Only thing is that my sister is now around all the time talking, commenting and making my world a bit unsafe, as she wants to kiss, hug and check me all the time.

Life is a uneventful as I see it. My highlight is getting rid of gas and being fed, and it is not like they provide me with a 4 course meal with four choices of French, Italian or Australian wine with it.

Home is no longer Goksu Evleri, but is now in Acibadem. I am not sure about this Goksu, as there are too many stairs for me to run up and down to get outside.

11 February 2010

Hello World

Hello All,

I am proud to have taken over the blog as per 10.12 this morning. I fight in the blue corner, so to speak and I weigh in at 4255gr. and a height of 54cm.

My regards to my sister, who has kept the blog ready for me. I hope that I can continue in the same manner that she started. Of course I now realise that having a blog can be cut short should there be another addition to our family. Rumour has it that this will not happen, but who knows.

My mum is doing good as am I. I already have more hair than my dad, which was not that hard to achieve.

My Brother and passing of the blog honours

Hi All,
It has been a while since I, Josefine Defne, last wrote anything. This is because I have been busy looking after my mum, as she has been pregnant. Today my brother was born, which has made my job writing this blog had, as the name is Baby Troelsen. I am no longer the baby in the Troelsen family and I therefore will have to pass the honours of writing to you to my brother.

One last thing that I want to say is a congratulations to my aunt and Jorgen who had a son two days ago.

Josefine Defne