17 June 2008


I was born at 09.42 this morning and I weighed a healthy 4,080 kg and measured 51cm. My parents are very very happy and proud that I am here. I have already learned to scream and eat. My hair is black according to Danish standards, but light like my father according to Turkish standards.


Michael said...

Beautiful! Congratulations!

ozlem said...

let me give an update on what the supergirls discuss internally at the moment:

- will Aysegul's baby stay alone as the only boy until Sezer family has a baby?
- who will go when to see this beautiful girl
- what is the name, what is the name :)


Troelsen said...

Name at the moment is based on people in the room so we are thinking:

Semsinur Sermin Semra Deniz Arzu Flemming

Though we thinking that it looks like a poğaça so that could also be the name.

Sedat said...

Hello baby,
welcome to your new home :)

I hope that you will be so happy with your parent.


Matthias said...

G'day little one,

Welcome to the world, wishing you all the best.

Congratulations to the happy parents.

So young but already on the internet, modern times ;-)) ...

Asli said...

Arzu & Flemming congratulations to you!!
And little Troelsen baby girl welcome! We love you.. You are beautiful!!

Meltem said...

Congratulations Arzu & Flemming!
she is very beautiful.

Welcome to the world baby,
I wish you will grew up with parents in health and happiness


BAHAR said...

Congratulations ...

Beautiful Josefine Defne, I hope that you will be so lucky in your life.