31 July 2008

Where do I remember her from?

On 27th June Begum Teyze and her fiancé Alper Amca came to visit my parents. I liked them, I actually looked at them very carefully and seriously, they seemed to think it is very funny the way I look at them but I was just trying to figure out where I remember Begum Teyze from. Then ahhhh I remembered, that “was” fun!!!. When she came to our house last time, I could fill up my diaper completely when I was in her lap. Here is the picture of it, mum says it was a bit smelly there but let me tell you, “It felt very good”.

They say that I might be going to their wedding in August. I will also go to my aunt’s wedding in September in Denmark. I don’t really understand what this wedding thing is, but it must be something big as I might be attending two of them in my first summer. I guess I will understand what it is when the time comes, at the moment my focus is why can’t I be fed as soon as I start screaming. I will start with the other matters once I solve that one.

29 July 2008

Happy Birthday Eniste

It is Ömer eniste's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He has been very nice to me as you can see. All though I was a little bit thoughtfull when I was sitting with him.

I like him a lot because he is one of the few people that I aleady have more hair than (except my dad of course).

28 July 2008

Happy Birthday Farmor

It was my farmor's birthday the other day. Happy birthday.
Some people say that I look like her. At least my dad says that he has on several occations seen then stearn look in my eyes and the tight mouth. For further proof please see my blog "Heath" from 23rd July.

Apparently this was when he was a boy and not behaving very well.


Melek came to visit me. She brought her parents and present so I was very happy.

I really hope that I will be able to play with Melek soon. Melek's mum used to work with my mum and now she is working with my dad. They are consultants, so it is all a lot of talk about possible improvements which you will need to pay to get done. I don't really know about these consultants, I find that the best way to make them move is to scream. That works everytime.

Visitors from Bimsa

First of all I most apologise to all the visitors that have come to see me. I have not been able to make my parents update the blog in a timely manner, even tough I have several times explained to them in a clear and very loud voice what I wanted them to write.
I have really appreciated all the visits and presents that have been bought for me. Thank you once again.
Here are some people from Bimsa, my mum's work.
First my mum's friends Begum and Mine Teyze, Canku Amca and his lovely wife Esra Teyze and Murat Amca came… Then last week some more friends Sezin, Nilufer, Hande, Mehtap and Begum Teyze came. I call all of them Teyze and Amca that is what mum tells me to do but actually I think some of them are really younger than mum.
They were very nice, they all brought presents for me and even a nice cake for mum – which I ended up eating as well anyway. I think they should come again mum seems to be very happy when friends come especially during the week and that makes me happy as well.

40 days

So yesterday I turned 40 days. I do not really understand what the big deal is, as my dad is almost 40 years and I do not see anyone getting too excited about that!

Anyway since I am now quite old and starting to look around I arranged for my parents to take me to my grand parents here. I slept in the garden and generally enjoyed the day until the evening when they suddenly put flour on my face.

I have never in my entire life experienced anything like this. Okay, I am 40 days old, but still. Flour is for baking cakes and bread, not to be put on my face.

Recently I have also learned that when I am alone with my parents I should cry, scream, be uneasy and generally not look too happy... As soon as someone else is there I have decided to be happy and smile or just to sleep. So everyone, except my parents, think that I am the sweetest little girl who is always happy or sleeping. I think that I will keep it this way.

23 July 2008


So it has gotten really hot in Istanbul. I thought that the heath was not going to be a problem for me, but when it is over 30 all the time then I get uncomfortable. My parents didn't figure out what to do with me until in the evening the other day when they finally gave me a bath.

I think that I will be happy in the bathroom also in the future. The rumour on the girl baby websites is that when we get older then we will be spending a lot of time in the bathroom. I am not so sure about this right now, but I suppose I will have to wait and see.

Anyway I really like having a bath and I stay very still when they put me in the water.

Last week I went to the doctor. She said that I have grown a lot in the first month. Actually I put on 1.3kg and grew 6cm since I was born. This is fine with me as long as they carry me around.

16 July 2008

My 1 month birthday

So it was my 1 month birthday on Tuesday. Of course all the family came and there was a cake and presents. It was only later that I realised that it was also my mum's xx year birthday. If I put her real age I am afraid that my food source will be cut off and I do not want to lie to you my dear readers.

I somehow feel that they forgot that it was my birthday as all the presents were for my mum and she also got the cake. Of course I got some of the cake later, but it is nto really the same when you get it in a milky format about 2 hours later!!!

I had even been working on a party trick by lifting my head, but this was not even enough and I was put to bed when I fell asleep a little bit.

Oracle visitor

In my house we are devoted to SAP, of course. It therefore created some tension in our house that an employee from Oracle would visit us. My parents ensured me that Evrim had been worked with SAP for a long time and that she only just started with Oracle and it is therefore not a big issue.

I just do not understand this fully. If you have been drinking Coca Cola all your life do you suddenly start drinking Pepsi? Well actually I do not know as I have not tasted either of these yet. I am more of a milk drinker at the moment and I stay with one brand, which is my mum's.

Anyway, Evrim came to visit me and brought a very nice present, so I decided that Oracle people are nice and she is always welcome back.

12 July 2008

My feeding pillow

I have this pillow that I really really like. I have had it from day one and when my parents bring it out I know that I will soon get some food.

Here you can see me lie on the pillow and I am very relaxed, this of course mean that I have finished eating. Before I start eating I make sure that my parents understand that they should not be waiting too long before they start feeding me. If they wait I try to inform the neighbours about the situation, which at 4.00 in the morning makes my parents very awake and move faster.

Family visit

My mum's cousins came to visit me. Cigdem teyze make a very nice jewel for my mum. I have already my eye on this, so that I can use it when I grow up and are starting to go out.

Meltem and Cigdem also brought their parents to see me again. I remember them from the hospital. They all brought me presents.

06 July 2008

My week

I lost my umbilical cord this week. It was nice to get rid of as I can now have real baths. Actually I do not like to have baths, so I scream a lot if it gets a bit cold. Hopefully, mum and dad will soon learn to do it fast and make sure that the water has the right temperature.

During this week my cousins were here again to play with me. It is very nice to see them and I am trying to tell them how we can play, but so far they do not understand my advanced language. I will teach them slowly, so that they cna start to do what I am telling them.

My grandmum is staying with us most of the time. It is very nice as this mean that most of the things get done around the house, and I do not need to tell my mum and dad to get it done all the time.

Deniz teyze

Deniz teyze also came to visit me. I remember her clearly from the first day that I saw the people around me.

She brought me a nice present, into which I can stick my foot or hand and then it will be set in concrete. I did not have the chance to do this yet, but hopefully my parents will leave me alone so that I can get it done.

Burcu teyze and Kerem amca

Burcu teyze and Kerem amca came to visit me. It was nice to seem Burcu again as I remember her voice from when she was with my mum.

I also remember the nice cake that Burcu baked for mum when I was just born. This I enjoined a lot and I look forward to the time when I can eat it myself.

I like Burcu a lot and I slept for hours

like you can see on the picture.