28 July 2008

Visitors from Bimsa

First of all I most apologise to all the visitors that have come to see me. I have not been able to make my parents update the blog in a timely manner, even tough I have several times explained to them in a clear and very loud voice what I wanted them to write.
I have really appreciated all the visits and presents that have been bought for me. Thank you once again.
Here are some people from Bimsa, my mum's work.
First my mum's friends Begum and Mine Teyze, Canku Amca and his lovely wife Esra Teyze and Murat Amca came… Then last week some more friends Sezin, Nilufer, Hande, Mehtap and Begum Teyze came. I call all of them Teyze and Amca that is what mum tells me to do but actually I think some of them are really younger than mum.
They were very nice, they all brought presents for me and even a nice cake for mum – which I ended up eating as well anyway. I think they should come again mum seems to be very happy when friends come especially during the week and that makes me happy as well.

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