07 September 2009

Long time no see

Hi all,

Yes it has been a long time since I last told you anything about what has happened here. I have turned 1 and am now working, so I am keeping my parents busy and making sure that they do not sit down too much. It is nice to be able to see everything from more than 10cm above the ground. As I stand about 85cm tall, I recon that my eyes are about 80cm off the ground, which is an improvement of 8 times what I was used to. If you are 1.80m and you suddenly see everything from 8 times that you would be 14.40m.

I try to communicate with everyone now, which is really hard because they do not speak proper babytalk, which I speak fluently. I don't know what it is with these people. My parents speak a funny language together, another language with each of my grandparents, but they do not understand a single thing that I say. The only way then is to scream, which also seem to get their attention. I especially appreciate it when we are outside in a restaurant or something as they react very fast.

03 May 2009

Birthdays and growing up

We have a lot of birthdays at the moment. You can say that May is really the birthday month for me. We start off on 1st and 2nd with Maren and Semra, then on 10th it is Zeynep Sude, 21st Karin, 24th Great Granddad, 28th Jens and then 31st Andreas. So this weekend I celebrated Maren and Semra. Happy birthday.
Of course I am mainly busy trying to extend the number of party tricks that I have for these birthdays. Recently the main tricks that I have learned are to crawl. This seems very easy, but it is actually harder than it looks especially when you do not have very much balance or power to keep yourself up.
Further to this I can now dance sitting down. You just play some music for me and I start moving. I am now considering a job in a dance company or maybe I can be the new Judy Cartland.
My parents have had time off from work on a couple of occations in the last couple of weeks. They always think that this is very nice for them and I do enjoy spending time with them, a lot, the only problem is that I never get time off. You know, kids in school have holiday, people working have holiday, but us babies and todlers do not have these rights. Who are looking after our rights? Nobody and it is a bout time that someone starts thinking about this. We are the future of any country, sort of by default.
I got a present from Australia, which is really nice. You can see it on the picture. It is a flatout Koala. Of course the ribbon and stickers are more interesting than the actual toy. Thank you to Simone for sending to to me.

29 March 2009


I was as surprised as you the other day, when I received the photos from my manager (my uncle) regarding the front-page cover on the magazine and the billboard advertising that followed. Also in these times of crisis it is important to be alert so I therefore decided to update my resume.

Name: Josefine Defne Troelsen
Address: A room in my parents house
Phone: Yes
Fax: What is this?
Email: Of course

Troelsen family, Istanbul
June 2008 - present

In my current position I have the role of only child in a family consisting of my mum and dad. This job requires my present 24x7 and I put all my energy and strength into providing challenging positions to those reporting to me (mum, dad and my nanny). Since the appointment of Sehnaz as my nanny my workload has increased by 50% from handling 2 people full time to now 3 people full time. My employers have of course not provided me with any salary increase or additional benefit dispite of this large increase in my responsibilities.

Main achievements: Can sit without support, can keep parents up all night if I want, ability to clap, wave, cry when hungry/sleepy/bored/want attention. I can also pull hair/glasses and other loose things. Almost crawling.

Minimum package: Full service in terms of food, cloth washing, diaper change when required, personal washing, daily walks, entertainment when bored, new toys on regular basis, my mum when I cry.

Interests: Toys (preferably noisy), being carried, eating, sleeping
References: My grandparents, as they always love me and I cannot do anything wrong according to them.

08 March 2009

Move and birthday

Finally I am back online. Last month I made the decision to move to a new place, as I was getting tired of living in the same place for such a long time. I had, at that time, been almost 8 months in Anadolu Hisari, so it was time to move on. So I found a new place with proper access for me to go outside and a playground, grass to play on and a pool for summer. You can see more on http://www.arteverde.com.tr/ Since I moved I have had a lot of trouble with the internet provider, so only this week did I get my ADSL back up again.

Last weekend it was my dad's birthday. Everybody was here and we celebrated with a very nice cake. At least I think that it is nice, but they did not give me any of it. Instead I got my normal soup of potato, broccoli, carrot and rice, which is not very interesting. Next year I am going to eat a lot of cake.

Last I want to inform about a couple of new things that I have learned recently. Firstly, I can now scream really loudly especially when I see my parents after they have been at work the whole day. My mum has by the way started to work again, so I miss her a lot during the day. I also think that she misses me. Secondly, I am eating all sorts of food and especially fruit now. I do not really like fruit and they are giving me orange, which is very sour and my whole body shakes when I get that.

03 February 2009

Happy birthday to Grandmam

It was my grandmother's birthday, so very much happy birthday. I am sorry that the update has been taking a little bit long, but I have been sick. It was not very interesting, as I have big problems sleeping and I was snoring too much, so sometimes I would wake myself up.

Other than that I have a nanny now. She is now my second nanny as the first one did not meet my standards, so I had her changed. The one I have now is very nice and I like her a lot.

I am eating all sorts of new things all the time. Some of it I like a lot like my broccoli, potato, carrot and rice mash, which is very nice. In the beginning I also like apple and pear, but now this is not so interesting anymore. So I spit it out again, but they just keep feeding it to me. Today I had banan for the first time, which was not too bad, so as you can see I tried to eat it nicely.

07 January 2009

Christmas and New Year

First of all happy New Year to all of you.

I have spent some time travelling since my last post, but now I am back in Istanbul in my normal surroundings and it is not half bad.

We went to Denmark for Christmas. It was nice to be back in the old country and see my family there again. I got a cradle in the plane to sleep in which was nice, but about 5cm too short for me, so I had to put my legs outside while I was sleeping.

In Denmark we enjoyed Christmas. I especially liked the Christmas tree with all the colours and sparkly things on it. The highlight of the trip was when I had my first tooth. It is nice to have teeth as I can now bite things. I like to bite my parents so that they don't forget me. Not that I think that they will but it is nice to be sure.

We came back to Istanbul just before New Year's evening after a stop in Hamburg to see Stefanie and Ivan. I did not enjoy the trip back very much as it is quite upsetting for me to have to travel this much within 10 days, so I let people know about this in no uncertain terms.

Also during this period I have started to eat other food than my mum's milk. some of it I like very much, but some of it I do not appreicate at all, so I just spit it out again if I do not like it.