14 September 2008


I have received my Danish passport. I am therefore a double citizen with the right to live in Turkey and Denmark at least until I am 21 years old (Danish rule). Just for the record I wanted to share my passport photo with you all.


I went on vacation with my parents. I had booked a room for us in Assos, which is on the North coast of the Agean sea in Turkey. We had to drive there, which is fine with me as I like to relax and sleep while I am being driven around.

Once we got there, I most admit, that this vacation did not differ much from my normal day at home. Except of course from going to the sea in the morning, which was very nice, but also a little bit annoying as I kept getting small stones into my pram. It is not very nice to sleep on these little stones.

I enjoyed my time there and got a bit of a suntan, but not too much. My parents think that the sun made me longer than the 62cm I recorded the week before during my 2 month doctor visit. I am not so sure.

01 September 2008

First uncle visit

For the first time I met one of my uncles. Troels came to visit us together with Mathilde all the way from Copenhagen. They are my height role models. Not that I really need a height role model as I am now 62cm and 7kg as per my 2 month and 1 week birthday.

Anyway Mathilde and Troels are really tall, but I really enjoyed having them here, as it is very nice to sleep on their knees. Most importantly though was that they brought me a very nice present book. This I really enjoy to read, so I read it aloud to everyone around me and laugh all the time. The pictures are really good, but my parents have not fully understood the story yet.

First wedding

On 23 August I went to my first wedding. Begum and Alper got married, my parents hoped that I would sleep during the party so they can enjoy it but I had another idea as I mainly went there to start getting inspiration for the time when it is my turn, so I was awake and looking around carefully as you can see in the picture. Somehow my parents weren't comfortable with it so we ended up leaving around 10pm.

Still, I got some ideas from their wedding. Of course I expect my future husband to pay for any idea and inspiration that I am getting from now until that day. I have therefore also decided to go to my aunt's wedding in Denmark in September, if the Danish bureaucracy is able to provide my passport on time.

I also got to wear my new dress, which was nice to try.