07 January 2009

Christmas and New Year

First of all happy New Year to all of you.

I have spent some time travelling since my last post, but now I am back in Istanbul in my normal surroundings and it is not half bad.

We went to Denmark for Christmas. It was nice to be back in the old country and see my family there again. I got a cradle in the plane to sleep in which was nice, but about 5cm too short for me, so I had to put my legs outside while I was sleeping.

In Denmark we enjoyed Christmas. I especially liked the Christmas tree with all the colours and sparkly things on it. The highlight of the trip was when I had my first tooth. It is nice to have teeth as I can now bite things. I like to bite my parents so that they don't forget me. Not that I think that they will but it is nice to be sure.

We came back to Istanbul just before New Year's evening after a stop in Hamburg to see Stefanie and Ivan. I did not enjoy the trip back very much as it is quite upsetting for me to have to travel this much within 10 days, so I let people know about this in no uncertain terms.

Also during this period I have started to eat other food than my mum's milk. some of it I like very much, but some of it I do not appreicate at all, so I just spit it out again if I do not like it.