18 August 2008

Olympics II

The new category of "Who can lift you head the longest" has become quite a success among the participants in this years olympics. In the pictures you can see me during the competition and when I am streaching after the competition.
There has also been rumours of Chinese participants not being over the required age of 16 days. We of course have to uphold the tradition and spirits of the olympics and ensure that these underage participants are not allowed into the living room during the competition.


In the spirit of the olympics I have decided to enter the +6.5kg baby weightlifting. I have found my best costume and am ready to go in the picture.

We are also experiencing problems with doping in baby weightlifting. The other day there was a rumour that a batch of the well know Canadian Wife of Lumberjack mothermilk had been found by inspectors. We consider this a very serious offence. Unfortunately the inspection panel got hungry during the inspection, so the envidence got eaten...

05 August 2008


So we have started visiting people. It is nice to get out a little bit and to see somebody other than my parents. Though they keep putting flour on my face and it is sort of ruining my skin. I have tried to explain that they should take me for a facial, but somehow they are not understanding me perfectly, yet.

Last week I began to speak with my parents. I am explaining them what is happening and what they should do to make me feel good. I talk and talk and they are answering me, but I feel like they are not really answering what I am saying. Instead they seem to say things like, do this, eat that, sleep now etc. Of course I have already decided that they are not going to rule me life. So I am trying to rule their's instead.