03 February 2009

Happy birthday to Grandmam

It was my grandmother's birthday, so very much happy birthday. I am sorry that the update has been taking a little bit long, but I have been sick. It was not very interesting, as I have big problems sleeping and I was snoring too much, so sometimes I would wake myself up.

Other than that I have a nanny now. She is now my second nanny as the first one did not meet my standards, so I had her changed. The one I have now is very nice and I like her a lot.

I am eating all sorts of new things all the time. Some of it I like a lot like my broccoli, potato, carrot and rice mash, which is very nice. In the beginning I also like apple and pear, but now this is not so interesting anymore. So I spit it out again, but they just keep feeding it to me. Today I had banan for the first time, which was not too bad, so as you can see I tried to eat it nicely.

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