03 May 2009

Birthdays and growing up

We have a lot of birthdays at the moment. You can say that May is really the birthday month for me. We start off on 1st and 2nd with Maren and Semra, then on 10th it is Zeynep Sude, 21st Karin, 24th Great Granddad, 28th Jens and then 31st Andreas. So this weekend I celebrated Maren and Semra. Happy birthday.
Of course I am mainly busy trying to extend the number of party tricks that I have for these birthdays. Recently the main tricks that I have learned are to crawl. This seems very easy, but it is actually harder than it looks especially when you do not have very much balance or power to keep yourself up.
Further to this I can now dance sitting down. You just play some music for me and I start moving. I am now considering a job in a dance company or maybe I can be the new Judy Cartland.
My parents have had time off from work on a couple of occations in the last couple of weeks. They always think that this is very nice for them and I do enjoy spending time with them, a lot, the only problem is that I never get time off. You know, kids in school have holiday, people working have holiday, but us babies and todlers do not have these rights. Who are looking after our rights? Nobody and it is a bout time that someone starts thinking about this. We are the future of any country, sort of by default.
I got a present from Australia, which is really nice. You can see it on the picture. It is a flatout Koala. Of course the ribbon and stickers are more interesting than the actual toy. Thank you to Simone for sending to to me.

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