07 September 2009

Long time no see

Hi all,

Yes it has been a long time since I last told you anything about what has happened here. I have turned 1 and am now working, so I am keeping my parents busy and making sure that they do not sit down too much. It is nice to be able to see everything from more than 10cm above the ground. As I stand about 85cm tall, I recon that my eyes are about 80cm off the ground, which is an improvement of 8 times what I was used to. If you are 1.80m and you suddenly see everything from 8 times that you would be 14.40m.

I try to communicate with everyone now, which is really hard because they do not speak proper babytalk, which I speak fluently. I don't know what it is with these people. My parents speak a funny language together, another language with each of my grandparents, but they do not understand a single thing that I say. The only way then is to scream, which also seem to get their attention. I especially appreciate it when we are outside in a restaurant or something as they react very fast.

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