08 March 2009

Move and birthday

Finally I am back online. Last month I made the decision to move to a new place, as I was getting tired of living in the same place for such a long time. I had, at that time, been almost 8 months in Anadolu Hisari, so it was time to move on. So I found a new place with proper access for me to go outside and a playground, grass to play on and a pool for summer. You can see more on http://www.arteverde.com.tr/ Since I moved I have had a lot of trouble with the internet provider, so only this week did I get my ADSL back up again.

Last weekend it was my dad's birthday. Everybody was here and we celebrated with a very nice cake. At least I think that it is nice, but they did not give me any of it. Instead I got my normal soup of potato, broccoli, carrot and rice, which is not very interesting. Next year I am going to eat a lot of cake.

Last I want to inform about a couple of new things that I have learned recently. Firstly, I can now scream really loudly especially when I see my parents after they have been at work the whole day. My mum has by the way started to work again, so I miss her a lot during the day. I also think that she misses me. Secondly, I am eating all sorts of food and especially fruit now. I do not really like fruit and they are giving me orange, which is very sour and my whole body shakes when I get that.

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