31 July 2008

Where do I remember her from?

On 27th June Begum Teyze and her fiancé Alper Amca came to visit my parents. I liked them, I actually looked at them very carefully and seriously, they seemed to think it is very funny the way I look at them but I was just trying to figure out where I remember Begum Teyze from. Then ahhhh I remembered, that “was” fun!!!. When she came to our house last time, I could fill up my diaper completely when I was in her lap. Here is the picture of it, mum says it was a bit smelly there but let me tell you, “It felt very good”.

They say that I might be going to their wedding in August. I will also go to my aunt’s wedding in September in Denmark. I don’t really understand what this wedding thing is, but it must be something big as I might be attending two of them in my first summer. I guess I will understand what it is when the time comes, at the moment my focus is why can’t I be fed as soon as I start screaming. I will start with the other matters once I solve that one.

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