06 July 2008

My week

I lost my umbilical cord this week. It was nice to get rid of as I can now have real baths. Actually I do not like to have baths, so I scream a lot if it gets a bit cold. Hopefully, mum and dad will soon learn to do it fast and make sure that the water has the right temperature.

During this week my cousins were here again to play with me. It is very nice to see them and I am trying to tell them how we can play, but so far they do not understand my advanced language. I will teach them slowly, so that they cna start to do what I am telling them.

My grandmum is staying with us most of the time. It is very nice as this mean that most of the things get done around the house, and I do not need to tell my mum and dad to get it done all the time.

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