28 July 2008

40 days

So yesterday I turned 40 days. I do not really understand what the big deal is, as my dad is almost 40 years and I do not see anyone getting too excited about that!

Anyway since I am now quite old and starting to look around I arranged for my parents to take me to my grand parents here. I slept in the garden and generally enjoyed the day until the evening when they suddenly put flour on my face.

I have never in my entire life experienced anything like this. Okay, I am 40 days old, but still. Flour is for baking cakes and bread, not to be put on my face.

Recently I have also learned that when I am alone with my parents I should cry, scream, be uneasy and generally not look too happy... As soon as someone else is there I have decided to be happy and smile or just to sleep. So everyone, except my parents, think that I am the sweetest little girl who is always happy or sleeping. I think that I will keep it this way.

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