17 June 2008

My first day and NIGHT

I had a very nice first day in the hospital. It was quite easy to get out and I quickly found out that if I cry then I get something to eat. I spent most of the day sleeping anway.

There was a lot of visitors which was nice. Of course my new cousins Zeynep Sude and Berke Can came to see me together with my aunt and oncle. My grandmother and -father also came together with my mother's aunts.

My friend Duru came. She is also going to be a big sister later this year as her mum and dad are looking forward to their second child. I am looking forward to be able to play with Duru and her sister when I grow up a bit more.

Ozlem teyze came to see me.

Then Gokce abla came together with her parents. Gokce is 3 months older than me, but I am sure that I will have a lot of fun together with her.

In the evening Aysel teyze and Mustafa amca came and a little later Naime teyze and Ahmet amca also came to see me.

Then it was time to sleep. At least that is what my parents thought, but I decided that this would be a good time todo some eating and other things that I do. So my aunt stayed with me and my parents then whole night and she only got to sleep 1 hour. I feel sorry for her, but then I also only slept 1 hour, so I suppose that this is normal.

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