21 June 2008

Second day

Hi All,

On my second day in the hospital many people came to see me again. It is very nice to have visitors and I enjoyed it a lot.

Selcen teyze came to see me in the morning. Then Burcu and Melike teyze came. Burcu brought brownies to my mum, as she has not been allowed to eat anything sweet for w while now. I also liked the brownie, but I only found that out some hours after my mum eat it.

Fatma hala and Ali eniste also came to see me. Later Harriet teyze and Kemal amca came.

People from Bimsa, where my mother work, started to come to see me. Yucel came and talked to me and my mum for a while. Then Begum came with a very nice lion for me. I am not sure if I like lions that much though as I prefer eagles, but maybe later I will learn more about it. Ozgur also came for a short visit.

Kuzeykara abi, Bahar teyze and Murat amca came in the evening. I like Kuzeykara a lot and I really hope that we will be able to play a lot when I grow up a little bit more.

Elif teyze stayed with me and my parents during the night. It is very nice when she takes care of me, as I can then let my parents sleep.

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