28 June 2008

First week at home

I am getting used to this life at home. It is especially interesting to make a bit of noise in the middle of the night (preferably several times during one night) and then see my parents come running to find out what the problem is.

Other than that I hang out in the living room and upstairs with my mum and grandmum during the day. A couple of times my cousins have been here to look at me as well. They are funny and I really want to get up and run around with them. This is my goal for next year, to be able to run with them.

The nurse came to see me. Mainly to talk to my mum about how she should look after me. I hope she got all the points as they where very important.

I will put a few pictures later, but for now my dad did not charge my camera, so I am unable to do the upload at the moment.

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