07 October 2008

Aunt's wedding

So Saturday we went to my aunt's wedding. It started in the church, where I was very quite and happy until the cermony started. Then I decided to add my comments and voice to the whole thing. For some reason this did not go down very well with my parents, so I had to watch the rest of the cermony from the door.

Congratulations to Karin and Joergen!!!! I am very happy that you got married and that I could be there.

There was a nice reception in the afternoon. They had rented a blowup castle. My aunt and uncle (notice the change in status from above) jumped around in it. I would have liked to join but I was busy eating and sleeping. I wanted to be fresh for the party at night. In the picture you can see my aunt and her three sister's in law.

During the party I of course choose not to sleep, as this would have been too easy for my parents. But after a while it got too much for me. As you can see in the picture the party got really wild after I went to sleep.

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