07 October 2008

Vacation in Denmark

I went to Denmark three weeks ago for my aunt's wedding. It was my first time in a plane and as you can see I enjoyed it, so much that I slept most of the way.

I met so many new people in Denmark. Firstly we went to Helle and Kenneth and I played with their two daugthers, Roseline and Mette Marie.

The next day I had to go and organise my aunt, Karin, so that the arrangements for the wedding to be finalised. I was looking forward to meeting with her, but on that day she was a little bit stressed, so I just slept a bit more and tried to make sure that all got done and put in the proper place.

After I finalised the seating arrangements for the wedding and had controlled that all was in place we went to Oliver, Karina and Soren for dinner. Christopher, Helle, Jacob and Jesper was also there as you can see.

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