14 December 2008

Kurban Bayrami (Sacrifice feast)

During the last week I have had 4 days off due to the public holiday of Kurban Bayrami. This is the muslim holiday for sacrificing. The tradition is to sacrifice a ram or an ox and then share the meat with the poor.

For this we went to my grandparents for a couple of days. Many of our relatives in Istanbul came to visit us there on the first day of the holiday. On the second day we then made the return visits. In each visit we then have a lot of food and of course some of the ram which has been sacrificed. It is very nice to see all the family and to get the news from what is happening in their lives at the moment.

I did well the first day and talked and smiled to all the people visiting. On the second day it was getting a bit tiring, so I got annoyed with all the eating and talking and not being able to follow my normal schedule of eating and sleeping.

It was therefore necessary for me to make a point to my parents, and I therefore choose to wake up in the middle of the night for a couple of nights or three. Not really for any particular reason other than I wanted to.

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