11 February 2010

Hello World

Hello All,

I am proud to have taken over the blog as per 10.12 this morning. I fight in the blue corner, so to speak and I weigh in at 4255gr. and a height of 54cm.

My regards to my sister, who has kept the blog ready for me. I hope that I can continue in the same manner that she started. Of course I now realise that having a blog can be cut short should there be another addition to our family. Rumour has it that this will not happen, but who knows.

My mum is doing good as am I. I already have more hair than my dad, which was not that hard to achieve.


Michael N. said...

Congratulations! Have you decided if he is to play on the Danish or Turkish national team in football?

And yes; good head of hair!

Claus said...

Congratulations. Not only is his hair better, you can tell he is already more loud than his dad.
Any idea of name yet? There are others also having one in the basket and soon running out of available names.

ozlem said...

hey baby troelsen,
who knows how long you'll enjoy owning this blog :))
seems you are more looking your mom. Or is this only my wishful thinking :)


Organico said...

AMAZINGGGGGG! Lots of love and energy for all! And a big hug! I love you all! ozlem

Burcu said...

Welcome sweetheart!
Good to have you here in this world. :)
I hope you get along with your brother Ates, my 22-days-old son.
Love you

Heinz D. said...

Congratulations from the Knoell family as well! All the best for you foursome! Do you live still in the appartment in Göksuevleri?
We are curoius about the following blog entries.
Beste wishes
Gabi and Heinz